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100poems's Journal

100 Poems, 100 Days
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This community is little borther/sister to 100stories. Similar rules apply. Post any poetry you want, at any time. Limmericks, in general are a bad idea. If they are clever, you won't get kicked.

The Challenge:
There may be those who find the 100poems Challenge very similar to the 100stories Challeng. They are right.

The challenge is this - write 100poems in the course of 100 days. If you take the challenge, start the title of each entry with "(x-y)" where x is which-th attempt at the challenge it is part of (including those that were unsuccessful) and y is which-th poem it is in the attempt.

One quick rule - this is a community journal, with a group of people who choose to read and contribute, and not a personal journal, where as far as I am concerned, you can put whatever you damn well please. As such, this will remain a forum for you to express whatever artistic vision you might have, but please, please, if your work could be deemed "not work safe", please place it behind a lj-cut tag, with a note that the material behind the cut is not work safe. If you are warned by me or any other moderators that might be added in the future that your post is in violation of this rule, please edit your post to add an lj-cut. Incorrigible offenders will be banned, I'm afraid, so if you're warned once, don't do it again.

Challenge accomplishers will be immortalized... somewhere. We'll burn that bridge when we come to it. Enjoy!

Do not spam this community. If you want to advertise an event/community or opportunity that somehow has something to do with writing poetry, please feel free to post it in the main community.

If, however, you are just looking for a random community to advertise the latest and greatest community on the selection of cheeses, I suggest community_promo. If you are looking for somebody to paint your house, I suggest searching "jobs" under interests to find plenty of applicable communities. This goes for random commenting.