Losing My Home

In a matter of days, I am to lose my home
Of almost forty years and has been in my family
for nearly a hundred because my inability to pay
Property taxes. I have nowhere to go. Even in this
Limited forum, I would appreciate any and all assistance.

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Adult Druthers

It is the time,
It is the moment,
What shall it be?

There is no coment,
There is some concern,
So what will you do?

What do you choose?
Hope you get it,
Wish you did it
because you like it

Can you understand it?
It is your future,
Shall be your pride,
Your new way of life

Are you prepared?
For the fight,
For the struggle,
For the bore,
The sleepless nights,
The restless feeling,
The helpless toughts.
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They live in my dreams
once my sleep becomes deeper
Sometimes I feel them
as If real beings
But that always ends
as the wake from my slumber
And I feel the pain
of my hopes ended.
good in blue

(no subject)

As this passion builds
I become engulfed in you
toes and fingers
legs and hearts; all twisted in one.
Your arms and eyes grasping me
Pulling me closer and building momentum
And we've morphed into one another.
Forming a place with each other
A place with you and I,
Our naked bodies wrapped in sheets
Wandering fingers leave tingly faces

A place where body separates from mind and I am completely yours.

A moment to have you.

Your figure parallel to mine,
Your lips and love between my legs
We're immersed.

Drowning in love, passion
Contorted waves taking over.
And I am washed away with you.
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Am I the only one who wonders
Such beauty in skin, but skin deep as beauty
Look at one picture changed my mind
a glass that separates us and time
what happens now?

Looking at her saying she is mine
you don't have to be romantic
but my heart can shatter because you have it
Nothing has to be intimate, but we are infinite
Two hearts joined as one, disagree to the degree of the sun.

we are, we always are. We were, what we were.
Could we even care to explain,
that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you behold all.

My angel its time
time to fly away, this place isn't us
we don't belong in such hate.
My love, sometimes I wish I never met you
It hurts and burns when I look at you

My heart couldn't even stay away
hands and knees, eyes to feet
I was at your wake
Now here were waiting for our fate to give us another day.

You and I; Just us, forever.

Do you remember us?
Can we go back to those days?
The flowers bloomed, sun shone, autumn arrived and leaves fell,
Northern breeze blew and winter finally arrived
Oh nature, such beautiful nature
You and I
Oh,what a bliss it was to be together.
Do you remember us together?
Inseparable, progressive
smiling and evergreen
untouched by impurities
two souls, so in love
nothing else mattered.

Hey, we were good, weren't we?
Did you feel the peace
When it was just you and me
Dreams, oh, what a wonderful illusion for closed eyes to see
Do you remember our dreams?
Our small house
Joyous Serena
You, in my arms
Into my loving, loving arms,
I held you
I loved you
I kissed your worries away.
Dreams, such a marvelous place for us three to be in.

No, wait. stop.
We're doing our calculations wrong.
The wind has changed its course
But why?
Why, when it was all that we could've asked for.

Do you remember it happening?
Do you remember the crashing waves,
The flood and the fire
The struggle to breathe, to come out unscathed and alive.

Hey, can you hear me?
Are you alive?
Did we make it?
Are we alive?
Are we barely breathing?
Did we die?
Say something! Don't be quiet
What happened here?
Speak! speak! speak!
I'm getting tired.
The silence finally getting to me
We're giving up.

No, wait, stop.
Hold on tight.
We never promised this
We vowed to keep the fight
Look me in the eye
Hold both of my hands
Listen to my heartbeat and
Count the days that we spent.
We have a lot more to add.
It isn't
good in blue

(no subject)

All around is just emptiness
The black of night
And rain drops upon the leaves
Lightening and thunder rumbling the sky
I watch it here in emptiness
And try to enjoy the piece of mind
But altogether, I am alone.

I have lost the person that I was.

Flashes brightening the sky
Clashes and bangs
I remember the dreams that we had.
And cannot escape them.
Persistently warping them into my own.
To something new.

But somehow, none of this is new.
As though I am picking up from where I left off.
But only with bigger intentions.
Bigger dreams.
That I may somehow;
be able to call my own.
Or not ours.

I force myself to escape you.
Or the thought of you.
Of us.

That us- that you think never existed.

5 - 100 The Weekend

It's Friday night
Heading down to the Black Cat
Down a few pints
Have a little chat

Seating's at a premium
So we're sharing a table
Making friends with strangers
Almost seems fateful

Saturday staggers
And ends at Bar Open
The faces are rosy
The laughter is golden

Sunday morning brunch
Starts with a bottle of champagne
And ends at karaoke
Singing familiar refrains

It's not an urgent craving
Living's not a chore
Drinking doens't make me more interesting
It just makes YOU less of a bore

5 - 99 Sorry

In a tiny little galaxy's
Wispy little arm
On a trivial little planet
Inside this petty little body
Sits an itty bitty heart
In which I am supposed to fit
The endless universes of emotions that I have for you
So I pantomime the role of the extravagant tourist
Packing for a world tour
with one carry-on suitcase
Pushing the limits of this tiny vessel
Trying to wrestle it in
With all my sweat and breath and vigor
Like a cartoon, it inevitably pops open sometimes
Sending it flying all over everywhere