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Wed, May. 6th, 2015, 04:13 pm
dreamervictoria: 5 - 98 Tiny Little Life

I don’t pay attention to his slim mumblings until I realize
He’s speaking my language
How disappointing

Curled up under winter blanket
In smooth weariness
Troubled by little ankles and weak knees
And all the other things that leave me feeling less-than
Like tiny needles, all these niggling insufficiencies
Half of this, twice of that
Scooped up on concrete and always working too hard
Hands of sheetmetal scraping along
A cringing sound
Leveled at the next pass of motivations

I lose my breath
Swimming just under the surface of control
But never a breath
Reaching my blood

I lose my weight
Swallowed by unsatiated hunger
Mind reaching with clutched fingers but
Always grasping at air

I cannot learn your lessons
Only cut your losses

From my technicolour dreamcoat of nylon desires
So slippery, ambition always sliding down along the seams
Unable to Reform and Redeem
Not big enough, my little words speak only to my little life
And my little troubles cupped in my little hands
My little hopes suffering from my little skills

Has to happen
Every day
Easing backwards
In the easy way
Is too easy
And will give you a bad back

Sweat through your discomfort
Push on your fingertips
Flex every muscle
Keep the pain with you